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Report a Claim

Pursuant to section 4.3(a) of the Policy and 6.08(2) of the Code of Professional Conduct, you are required to report a claim or potential claim as soon as practicable after learning of a Claim or becoming aware of circumstances that might constitute an Occurrence or give rise to a Claim, however unmeritorious.

If you know of any circumstances which might give rise to a claim against you or you think that you might have made an error in providing professional services, someone is making allegations that you have made an error, or you are concerned about a matter, please contact SLIA and report the matter.

Some examples of when to Report a Claim include the following:

  • a mistake is discovered which has or may have caused damage to a client
  • any threat or communication of intention to sue had been made by a client
  • another lawyer, on behalf of your client, requests your file
  • a client expresses dissatisfaction with the handling of a matter and there is an indication the client believes a loss has occurred

This list is not exhaustive. There may be other reasons to Report a Claim. If you are unsure whether a potential claim should be reported, please call or email SLIA.

Steps to Report

  • Notify SLIA as soon as practical of claim or potential claim;
  • If the matter requires immediate attention contact claims counsel at (306) 569-3091;
  • Complete a Liability Claim Reporting Form and submit to SLIA;
  • Forward copies of relevant file material and other documentation to SLIA;
  • Maintain a complete copy of original file, including all notes, memos, drafts and electronic files relevant to matter;
  • Do nothing on file without consent of claims counsel and ensure full disclosure of all impending deadlines and statute of limitation dates;
  • Section 6.08 of the Code of Professional Conduct requires you to:
    1. promptly inform the client of the error or omission without admitting legal liability;
    2. recommend that the client obtain independent legal advice concerning the matter, including any rights the client may have arising from the error or omission; and
    3. advise the client of the possibility that, in the circumstances, the lawyer may no longer be able to act for the client.

Please contact SLIA for advice if you have any questions about how to proceed.

Individual Deductible

As set out in the Policy, Individual Deductibles are:

$5,000 per Occurrence, except for Claims arising as a result of:

(i) missed limitation periods or handling of a real estate matter, in which case the deductible is $7,500 per Occurrence; or

(ii) an Insured’s representation of two or more parties adverse in interest, in which case the deductible is $10,000 per Occurrence; or

(iii)  an Insured’s compliance with the Western Canadian Conveyancing Protocol, in which case the deductible is $0 per Occurrence.

Claims Made and Reported Policy

Under this policy, for coverage to be triggered, the claim must be made and reported during the policy period.  The policy period runs from July 1 of any given year to July 1 of the following year.

We operate under a “claims made and reported policy”. Under such a policy, so long as a claim occurred during the existence of the policy and is reported in as soon as reasonably possible by the insured, insurance is triggered.

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